Tuesday, March 13, 2007


It's been nearly a week since my wife had her first chemotherapy treatment, and thankfully so far it's gone fine. The first couple of days Rebecca was sick but this settled down when we found out it was not directly because of the treatment, but because her stomach was now more sensitive, a little change in eating habits and it's under control. Tiredness has been the main problem, it's important that Rebecca sleeps when she needs it to help keep fatigue at bay as this can be really tough.
Unfortunately as positive as this is, it's still early days. Rebecca is now entering into what is scarily called the 'nadir', this is the point where her white blood cells, which provide immunity, pretty much disappear. The worry of catching something, and everything can be life threatening in this stage, is what's been at the back of my mind. We've been getting into the habit of regular, and frequent, hand cleaning, being careful about food preparation and being careful with Olivia's contact with her mam. The trick has been to get into the habit of doing this without it feeling overbearing, Rebecca's kept such a positive outlook that we don't want to make a big deal about doing things differently.
Anyway, to counterbalance the 'dark' bit of the post, here's a cute as a button picture!


Peter Bangs said...

That's one cute kid. You two did good there. Thanks for sharing how Becs is doing. Hope you're holding up good too. Problem with things like this is you can end up being strong for everyone when you don't really feel it and would like some reassurance yourself.

On another subject, what the heck is a meme and how do they start? I've seen examples from a number of them around but never really understood it.

paulhd said...

She's a sweetie, but then that pic of you and Molly is pretty durn cute too.
I'm doing.... ok I guess. It's a bit weird really, I have been keeping a diary about it but to boil it down to one word, 'stressful'. The anxiety about keeping clean, the feeling that anything can change and not wanting to get too complacent seems to be ever present and the best thing to do is to just concentrate on what's going well. So far that's sort of working.
A meme like a cross between an idea and a virus, it's just an idea that catches on. The start when someone starts one adn as long as someone else joins in it's a meme. Join in, you know you want to!

Katy said...

I don't understand the concept of 'cute as a button' - personally, I think Olivia is much much cuter than any button I've seen. Maybe I shop at the wrong haberdashers?

Much love to Bec and to you. I think you're right - concentrating on the positive is the best thing you can do now.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Sounds like you're doing everything just fine regarding Rebecca's well being ! And as for that kid she's cute with a capital C

paulhd said...

Thanks folks, positivity has taken a bit of a bashing this week, fortunately nothing to do with Bec's health.
Sorry you had to find out this way Katy, but you have ugly buttons.