Thursday, March 08, 2007


After the weightiness of the last post here's a pretty (I hope) picture. The colouring was done on a pretty lame package and I had to do some of it pixel by pixel, which was satisfyingly mind numbing...... of course, naff colour choices are all my own fault.
And hey, if you've come to look at the meme why not look at some of drawings, just click here.
Thanks for dropping by!


Peter Bangs said...

Not sure about the yellow tights but if supergirl looked like that I'd be half way towrds buying the book.

paulhd said...

Yeah, the tights were a bit of a compromise, I wanted to stick with the 3 colour theme, I wanted SG to wear tights and I didn't want them to be the same colour as the smock or the boots. I had toyed with red and yellow striped tights, but didn't think it'd work as well as pale yellow.
Funny, think the meme started because hardly anyone wants to read SG as she currently looks!

kelvingreen said...

Pixel by pixel? Yikes!

Actually, I think the striped tights might have worked.

paulhd said...

Yeah, it's bound to be the dumb way I'm doing it, the scans are grey scale with the contrrast amped up so the supposed b&w has bits of grey in it.