Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ideas n stuff

Thanks for the comments of the 'Cryptic' post. I've tried hard to come up with some workable ideas and come to an interesting conclusion. Ideas = work. Even though I spend my spare time doing creative things I obviously still see it as a magical act, producing something when the mood's right and the stars are in alignment. I clearly think that the initial idea that starts the whole thing rolling is a bolt from the sky (I'm mixing metaphors like mad here!) Because I've really had to come up with something, and in a short space of time, I've not had the luxury of waiting for the idea to make it's way to me, and as a consequence I've found that I can come with ideas and they can be pretty good, if I say so myself. Maybe I was lucky, but as I came up with a couple of stinkers, maybe not.
At the moment I've got four (count em!) ideas which I like enough to develop, one of which is a slightly expanded version of 'Astrodog', a couple of you will be pleased to hear, the other three are new. In fact, whatever happens I think I'll try to turn all of these into finished comics, along with something else I wanted to work on.
I'll post a bit more about this Fantastic Four, as I go, be quite good that as I haven't posted any artwork for a while.


Peter Bangs said...

My Robot on RoK comics, Congratulations. Can't wait to hear more about how that works out.

Just spotted the ad type thing on Down The Tubes.

shane oakley said...

Very much empathise with your creative pickle. Life is so short, and knowing that you're gonna spend a sizeable chunk of it at the drawing board/computer can be daunting - half exhilaration and half screaming terror! Is for me, anyhow.
I find coming up with ideas the easy part, but the difficult thing is deciding which one is worth locking yourself away for.
But, best way find out, is just sit down, start sketching and see where it takes you.
And, 'sides, it's about time we saw some more pictures on this blog.

dribbs said...

Mr Oakley has steered me to your blog, Paul (he can be very persuasive at times), and I've had a look around and liked what I've seen. The robot strip is lovely. I'm in that particular collection of tales from Accentuk so I'm looking forward to seeing this massive book, (I was in the zombie one as well..Loved your strip in there ).
but I can see that this be a regular place to visit just so I can see all the scrummy pictures you post

paulhd said...

Peter - Cheers, no idea how RoK comics is working out, I'm sure John'll keep me informed though.
Shane - That blank page is very scary. I feel like every line/idea really has to count, which just makes it scarier!
Point taken about the pictures, will post something very soon. Honest.
Dribbs - Hi, thanks for dropping by and the kind words. As good as Zombies was I think Robots is going to be even better. Which strip did you do for Zombies?
See from yer profile you like Mr Lansdale, fine taste you have there.

dribbs said...

I did the "Job satisfaction" strip in zombies and I've done "homemade hero" in the robots, but the styles are so different you'd thunk it were done by 2 different people.

paulhd said...

'Job Satisfaction' was good stuff, 'Homemade Hero' looks excellent, like the tones. Don't know if I posted it here but I tarted up 'Zombie of the Great Unwashed' with some tones myself, it's up on my comicspace page if you want a look - there's a link on the profile bit of me blog.

dribbs said...

cracking stuff Paul.
I was tempted to go back and stick some tone down on job satisfaction...but then I'd probably have to redraw the bloody thing.
and that way lies madness.
Shane already accuses me of being "anal" as it is, with all my redoing old strips.
Don't want to give him anything else to rant at me.

paulhd said...

Cheers Dribbs! Yeah, I know it's best to finish and move on, but 'Unwashed' suffered from lack of time and the only reason it had no tones is because I didn't have an art package to do them so I thought what the hell. I had to force myself not to redraw though!