Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some silly pictures

Been meaning to post something for a while now, but I haven't done anything worth posting. However, after a much deserved prompting here's some scribbles.These are for vol. 3 of Best New Manga. First up is some thumbnails, the blank bits are where I have no idea what to draw, on page 2 it's because I've not designed a big tanky robot, and that's much the same for page 4. I'm trying to be 'proper' here doing everything in stages, I do usually draw thumbs, but they're never as complete, organised or as legible as these.... assuming you can see what the hell is going on!
Second is the rough pages 1 & 2. Spending a bit more time on the thumbnails is paying off, as at this stage I've usually redrawn each panel a dozen times and the results look like a mass of scribble (really, I often manage to tear though the paper) These pages where penciled in very rough shapes and a tiny amount of detail then I went over them with a grey marker. Next I'll go over the grey line with black pen adding a little more detail (lets face it, I'm not really into lots of detail) and making things clearer. After that I'll enlarge the pages (these are drawn same size as printed), tape them to the window in my front room slap a sheet of bristol board on top and copy the final pencils onto it altering and tightening as I go. My pencils are so scribbly and messy even to my eye that I never pencil directly onto nice paper.
Lastly is the design for the main character, and you just might notice a retro look about him. I don't really know much about this sort of stuff, but I knew I liked the look of the older stuff better than the high tech fancy stuff.


Peter Bangs said...


Old school is just so much better. Now I'm going to have to by volume 3 of Best New Manga to see the story.

paulhd said...

I was trying to think what my design reminded me of, but you're right, it's very 'Shogun Warriors', that's pretty much the colour scheme I'm thinking of too.
How cool was Trimpe's Hulk? Loved The Glob.

Peter Bangs said...

Yeah and what about his Godzilla. For all the unkind things people say about his artwork, he made that man in a rubber suit look incredibly believable. Man oh man, I want the Godzilla Essential book now.

It's interesting how many of the older artists who people had written off as hacks seem to be getting re-evaluated now. Trimpe, Don Heck, George Tuska, I've recently read much kinder re-evaluations of their work.....anyway, glad to see you're working and publishing. I'm so tied up studying at the moment I'm not getting to do much drawing.

Looking forward to seeing more old school giant mecha.

dribbs said...

when he inked himself or when John Severin inked him on the hulk, it was beautiful stuff. Everyone a classic!

paulhd said...

Long live old school!
Ah, Don Heck, I never understood why people were dismissive of his work, very romantic looking, not just powerul Kirby riffs..... maybe that's why folk didn't like him.