Friday, January 25, 2008

More silly pictures

I'll not say much about these in an effort to retain some sense of mystery. The two scans are both for different ideas and although the drawings aren't properly rendered I'm pretty happy with the look of the various characters (apart from the unfinished one of the girl, she's the wrong age and I really need to check out what sort of clothes are fashionable, in a nonjudgemental old sod sort of way) Although it's pretty obvious the drawings here are more the style I prefer to work in than the previous post they are slightly different to my usual methods and I intend to go further with that.
As always, feedback is welcome, and appreciated.


dribbs said...

lovely stuff.
full of humour and a sense of aliveness.
love 'em

Peter Bangs said...

Nice, stripped down even further from your usual work. Strangely, the stuff you're stripping out seems toonly increase the essential "Paulness" of the work. I love the little boy, slightly reminiscient of Gerald McBoing Boing. I like the girl too, she has that world weary attitude of someone who's watched too many bad American TV shows featuring girls with a world weary attitude and oversized checked work shorts, and decided it was a good attitude to adopt. You're getting an increasingly apparent animation vibe to your artwork, none of the characters shown would look out of place on a show like Foster's Home for imaginary friends. The ghost/monster could be their reinterpretation of Casper.

Interested in the art style, looking at the small images I thought at first you'd used Sharpies, but looking at the larger version I'd guess you're still on a brush by the slight inconsistency to the line. Some of the work looks rougher than you usually do, is that what you mean by slightly different? I like the feel, it's very energetic.

I look forward to hearing more about both ideas.

paulhd said...

Dribbs - Thank you, hope the scripting manages to have some humour too!
Peter - Cheers, stripped down is what I'm going for, but I want to bring a little 'texture' to my drawing too, hence the roughness.
The sketches were done with a Pilot 'Signature' marker not a brush, I intend to ink with pens for a bit. As much as I love brushes I like that 'resistance' you get from using a pen. I've bought a few 'Pitt' pens that seem really nice and I'll also be using something a bit finer - Muji do nice rollerball pens and I pick a bunch up whenever I'm in a 'big city', I like lettering with them - not a computer font fan.
Thanks also for the Gerald comparison, that's pretty high praise! The episode I saw of Foster was really good too, I've really got to see more of those. Yeah, animation's long been an interest as you'll remember way back when I did the Big 3.
I'll keep story details under my hat for now, but that ghost/monster, he's an alien. Keep it to yourself:)

shane oakley said...

Really like these - they crackle with life. You're good at both the 'smooth'and the'spikey', but i favour your rougher look.

paulhd said...

Thanks Shane, I need a bit more practice but I prefer the spikey look too.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I like those bottom picks of the dog in the space suit !!

kelvingreen said...

Space dog. If he ever makes it into a comic, I'm buying it. Class.

I like the chunky style a lot, and I want to see more!

paulhd said...

Andrew - Animals in space, what's not to love?
Kelvin - Glad you like the style. One way or another you'll get to read something, you might have to be a little patient though!