Friday, February 08, 2008


The clock is ticking as I finish up art samples for one of my secret project (is the suspense killing you?), I would have liked to finish it all today so I could send it off, but I'll settle for finishing it by the weekend so it can go first thing Monday.
It's a shame I'm not posting any art as I'd really like to get a bit of feedback before I send it off. At the moment I'm colouring a page and have decided to take what I think might be a bold colouring choice. I genuinely think it works better than the more straightforward colouring choice I'd started out using, but my usually paranoid nerves are picking away at my attempts at boldness.
To make up for the lack of visual interest, and because Peter asked, here's a picture of Olivia in manic happy mode as she has her first go on a swing (check out the muddy knees!), and a picture of Olivia concentration as she practices her standing and walking - is it just me or does that picture make our house look miniature?


Peter Bangs said...

Thanks for the photos. You have one cute kid.

Look forward to finally seeing the supersecretproject and checking out the bold colouring choice.

Trump said...

Very cute pics.
Miniature houses are good. I live in one. With the pixies.

Katy said...

So adorable!

Obviously she takes after Bec ;) x

paulhd said...

Well, obviously, Katy!
Peter - Cheers, so do you.
Trump - Ta. Do they tidy up and stuff? I could do with one of those.