Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tool time

In full on cosmopolitan mode I'm typing this from the far flung reaches of the North East of England. Yes, I'm visiting my parents and cringing each time I pass the village I spent a chunk of my childhood.
As I've got plenty of work on at the moment I decided to bring it with me and I've had a pretty productive few days. Sorry I can't show any of the work Ijust yet, despite a little teething I'm really proud of it, some of the best strip work I've done I reckon. The teething is mainly down to tools (yes, I am a bad worker looking to shift blame), making the switch to pens is definitely the right move for me at the moment, but foolishly I chose a pen that's a little bit 'brushy', as soon as I started inking I realised my mistake. The whole point was my liking the resistance of pen on paper, having a brush like point meant avoiding too much resistance otherwise I'd just get fairly ugly lines and a wrecked pen. As I hadn't any other pens with me, and as I'd already started using it anyway, I've stuck with it and used it cautiously, getting a look that is somewhere my previous style and where I'm heading. Luckily, I think what I've done is more appropriate for the strip. What has been interesting is that 'caution' has been the real problem with my inking, I do like my brush work, but far too often I'm so concerned with the look of the line that I labour over it and end up with something that looks a little dead. Obviously this is the fault of looking at the wonderful brush work of Walk Kelly and Daan Jippes (I love his Disney covers) and Jeff Smith, never try and copy the masters without learning to copy their skill first!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I live in the North of England and I think it should be far flung !! :)

paulhd said...

Well, I much prefer it now I only visit! Mind you after living in London I still moved back up to the North West, so I guess I'm just a Northern Boy at heart.