Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ups n Downs

Despite the brief whinge on the last post, I have had some tentative good news drawing wise, I'll update that when I can.
The other work is progressing, and I'm hoping it'll come together in the end. It's my own fault it's become a bit difficult, I let it grow in a direction I'm finding quite tough. I've learned some new stuff though, and as I say, I might just be worrying about nothing and it'll look fine.


kelvingreen said...

When will you stop being vague and evasive and just tell us what exciting things you're doing behind the scenes? :)

Peter Bangs said...

Gonna have to be patient Kelvin. It's taken Paul 12 years to get to the point where he'll accept compliments about his work without arguing. If there's something going on he's excited about it'll be worth the wait.

paulhd said...

Wish I could say Peter's exaggerating, Kelvin, but he's not. I'm a miserable bugger.
Sorry for the vagueness, I'll reveal all as soon as I can. Promise.