Saturday, August 07, 2004

late night blogging

due to pestering from Paul, I now update you all as to my artistic efforts. Nothing much done, everything's penciled though. What did you expect, no news is just no news. Sorry Paul. Monday's the day, I'm off, my wife isn't. I'm just going to plow through it all and put the lame dog to sleep.
Behind me my wife is watching Big Brother. This fills me with much sadness. Yet, it will be over, the programme will end, and I will hope afresh that she will not watch it again. I'm a fool, I know, but hope is a great thing, maybe the best thing nad it should never die.
For all those interested, my night tonight mainly consisted of wearing a large pair of jeans and a blue checked shirt from Oxfam. These 2 items of clothing were torn, cut and shredded. I was at a fancy dress party. A friend of my wife's turned 30 and felt that the best way to celebrate was for everyone to look ridiculous and leave their pride and self respect at the door. Sorry Graham (Ester's boyfriend/fiance), if you're reading this, told you I don't like fancy dress. I went as the incredible Hulk, obviously I had calmed down and was no longer green, imposing or muscular. Fancy dress sucks. It's no way to hang on to your youth, and if that's what it takes to hang on to it, let it go. Anyway, happy 30th Ester, next year, let's all have a glass of sherry by the fire and were tartan blankies over our laps.
Went to a wedding yesterday and had a lovely day. Beautiful and deserving couple. It was great being at a wedding where I pretty much knew all the people involved. Hell, I didn't know all the people at my own wedding and there was barely 30 people at that exclusive event. I hardly know my all my relatives, less so for my wife's family, but yesterday was different. Nice to have so many friends there sharing the day.
I've got an incredibly itchy rash on my thigh at the moment, the skin under my right eye is also showing signs of a re-occuring inflammation and I've had a headache pretty much constantly for the last 6 weeks. It's the weather. Damp, clammy, sticky, hot, opressive and rarely bright. What's with the summer? Are we heading for some sort of Global meltdown? I doubt it, but it's been a rubbish summer and I can't help but wonder what winter's going to bring.


paul said...

it occurs to me that people may start worrying that you're talking to yourself when you mention another paul and i post comments. just thought i'd mention that, although it sounds rather banal now i've said it.

hope the rash feels better and good luck finishing the pages tomorrow, let's hope it's not quite as warm as today otherwise you'll just sweat all over them (if you're anything like me that is!).

oh, you can find my brother's blog at that should distract you from drawing for at least 10 minutes!

paulhd said...

No, that's a good point Paul. However, if I do start talking (writing) to myself things are probably going to get really confusing.
The rash under my eye is not getting worse thankfully, but it still itches and it's very hard not to scratch. I'm failing miserably to not scratch the one on my leg though.
Sweating on the artwork is a problem. If it's been warm enough (and it has) the sweat (just a small amount you understand, it's not some kind of waterfall) from my drawing hand coats the paper just enough that when I come to go over the pencil lines in ink the ink doesn't actually take as oil and ink don't mix. I end up having to go over the lines a few times which means the whole thing takes longer and that I have to be extra careful to repeat each line exactly. Shame I don't have any animator's gloves.
I'll check out that site now, time needs to wasted!

Katy said...

Hello, my name is not Paul. Am I still allowed to post replies?

paulhd said...

Frankly no, no, you can't.
Oh, okay then, seeing as it's you, you can be an honorary Paul.

Katy said...

Actually, I want to maintain my gender and thus humbly request if I can post under the name Pauline.