Sunday, August 15, 2004

where was I?

Not much posting from me this week, which should clue anyone in on my comic progress.
My wife went to work about ten minutes ago, and I have all evening to myself, so I guess I'll be finishing off the comic today. I only have a couple of panels to finish and then I need to go over the pages correcting mistakes with white paint. But will I really, really and truly get it done today? Yeah, I will, I promise. The artwork is so close to finished I think I can get it done in a couple of hours, so it's definitely do-able. But, then again, everytime I post it's to say how close I am to finishing and yet it's never quite happened. Can you trust me? Have I been lying? Well, you have to make your own minds up about the trust part, but I honestly haven't been lying. The 'almost finished' phase is incredibly frustrating, it always seems to get to a point no matter what I'm working on where the work is 'almost finished' and yet it still seems to take forever to finish. I can't explain it, but I think it's got something to do with waning interest and complacency. Anyway, when the last brush/pen stroke is finished, I'll let you all know.
Because of the whining from Katy I've decided to allow 'non-Pauls' to comment on this blog. I know there are a couple of non-Pauls out there who haven't commented, now you have no excuse..... other than having nothing to say. There, Katy, I do care.
Real life is getting complicated. That's a bit of a redundant phrase, real life is always complicated. What I mean is, recent 'happenings', have added an extra layer of fog to my already vague vision of how my life should be. My wife has an interview for a job in Cornwall next week. Cornwall seems like the ideal place for us, coastal, remote, etc. But we can't drive and live quite far away so popping down there isn't easy, and arranging two new jobs is even more difficult. We've spent the last week constantly talking about various plans to make this move happen, all the while aware that it's just an interview, not a guaranteed job offer, but we still have no idea if we can pull this off. Both of us have been dissatisfied with our lifestyles for a number of years now and we're kind of hoping that a move to the 'right' place will help things, but who knows? Our plans to move so far involve trying to keep as many aspects of our life intact but to just be living in a different area. There seems to be a flaw there somewhere, if we aren't happy doing what we're doing, what sense is there in carrying on doing it? But are we able to easily change the things we don't like about our lives? When did we get so safe, dull and trapped? Were we ever any different? A quick scan over this post shows a lot of question marks, but I have no answers. The only conclusion we came to was we have no idea what we'll do until we do it. Not helpful or reasssuring, but it's true.
Hey Paul, hope this answers some of your burning questions, sorry about the heavy Due South content of conversation recently, it's been the present obsession of the house. Hope you had a good birthday.

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Katy said...

Well, thank you for your kindness in letting me reply. Really, I can sleep easier now.

And I don't whine. I merely repeat my point ad nauseum until people give in.

And I don't like the idea that life will still be complicated when I am as old as you. And I have no answers either. Just more questions.
How terribly reassuring I am!