Monday, August 09, 2004

Start of the day

Well, not exactly the start, that was about an hour ago. What I'd like to do today, my day off, is to do a bit of exercise, relax, read a new book I bought, read some comics, read some interviews in The Comics Journal and go and see I, Robot. What I have to do is draw, and maybe I'll get to do some of that other stuff (although I, Robot is a definite - I figure I'll need the pleasurably empty thrill a (hopefully) decent shallow blockbuster can bring), but maybe not. There's about a page and a half of un-inked pencils to do and a bit of drawing from scratch, by the time I leave to meet my wife and go to the cinema I hope to have at least inked the penciled pages. So, I guess I'd better turn off my computer!
BTW Paul, that link didn't seem to work. Also sorry for that last line in my comment on the previous post doesn't make sense, it should say 'time needs to be wasted'.


paul said...

sorry, make that

paul said...

look, i'm really drunk, but you promised me an update... despite the fact that i hardly talked to you and becks, execept about due south. go figure.