Sunday, February 06, 2005

Goin' south

Visited London this weekend and had a good time. London is not my favourite place but I do have several very lovely friends and it was nice to see them.
I managed to meet up with a lost friend which was interesting. When we left London I tried to contact this friend who managed to never be in and never call back. I was a bit confused but not terribly hurt as it was one of those easy going but not firm friendships, sad when they end but not surprising, without proximity they simple fade. On Saturday I went into the shop where my old friend works and 3 years later he was still there and little had changed. We chatted, it was easy, friendly and felt a little like traveling back in time.
That was the weekend, time to think about friends.
When we got back home the bungalow was cold and we'd left a light on. Sometimes stepping back into your home can be cosy and welcoming, sometimes they look cold and lonely. Our bungalow is nice but it's that makes it a home.

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