Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Trying hard not to swear

I atempted to post last night, but managed to lose it before it was finished. As it happens I think that's for the best as I'd chosen to drop my no swearing (on my blog) rule and I think that would've been a mistake. Also I saw the news today (oh boy) and something on it tied into what i was going to say yesterday.
The lost post was inspired by seeing the cover of a newspaper when I went to the local shop, J-Lo wearing fur. It saddens and sickens me that people still carry on indulging this disgusting fashion. I just can't understand such cruel unbelievable self indulgent and insensitive behaviour. It never fails to shock and anger me when I see an idiot wearing fur, even when it's talentless idiot like J-Lo grinning with her scary celebrity 'smile' (you know the kind, the inhuman looking ones that showcase surgery instead of sincerity) and proving that as well as talent she lacks sensitivity and humanity.
The other thing I needed to bring up was inspired by seeing Otis Ferry (Bryan's boy) on the news whining about the impending fox hunting ban. He'll carry on his hunting even when it's illegal. Feeling far too strongly about this to sum up all I can do is that he does illegally fox hunt, is caught, arrested, put into prison and his fellow inmates find a usuful occupation for a young man with a purdy face.


Danny said...

Christ... J-Lo... She kind of reminds me of Joan Crawford in the evil stakes...

It almost feels like it should be stating the obvious objecting to the fur trade and to blood-sports. I'm naive enough to think that we'd consigned those sort of barbaric attitudes to the past... How wrong can you be?

paulhd said...

Obviously I'm mainly angry because I object blood-sports and the fur trade, but as you say, it's the fact that so many still support them that apalls me.
Fools flashing fake smiles as they wear foul clothing is odious. Ottis Ferry (and so many others) talking about the loss of a way of life and jobs is absurd, as if it's okay to indulge in barbaric behaviour simply because you've been doing it for ages and need the cash, an attitude that would've meant we'd still have Witchfinders wandering the streets, a moronic notion.

SunGrooveTheory said...

Hi I just surfed in.

Good stuff, I like it. =)

paulhd said...

Hi new reader, glad you like it, come back soon!