Tuesday, February 15, 2005

late breaking news

Seeing as I can't sleep I might as well post up about my big day (see previous post) The interview itself went kind of okay, there was no getting away from my lack of knowledge in certain areas, gaps that are mainly a direct result of my atempting that evolutionary jump. On the other hand the things that I do know I think came across and were pretty key issues. No way of knowing how it went really and I have my suspicions but frankly I don't want to jinx myself by spilling my guts online! When I find out exactly how it went I'll spill the beans then.
But even though the interview was interesting and helpful it was still a big sucking chest wound of a day. Not because I couldn't spend valentine with rebecca (we did have the end of the evening together at least), but because of the appalling rail service. I'll be sending a strongly worded complaint tomorrow. All I had to do was get two trains, there really should be no reason why I would end up being over two and a half hours late for my interview. That's right, two and a half hours! Not the best way to make a good impression (although the manager was very understanding) and it certainly didn't put me in a good frame of mind for a very important interview.
I really can't be bothered to go into the full details of the painful train journey (it's taking all my energy to stick to my rule of not swearing on my blog), hopefully the one and a half hours speaks loudly enough.
There was at least one pleasant moment on the journey though. About ten minutes from Nottingham, it was dark, I was tired and drifting without actually needing sleep and I got that special night-time travelling feeling. Outside the train window it wasn't possible to make out the shape of the buildings but their windows warmly lit by the lights inside drifted past me offering glimses of domestic comfort that I would normally never notice being too distracted by the ugliness of the exteriors, the litter and the grubbiness.
And as the burning sensation fills my eyes and threatens to seep through to my brain I really should turn the computer off.
Good night everyone. Goodnight.

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Danny said...

Jeez... Talk about a sucky day... Sorry it turned out so atrociously. I know a lot's hinged on it.