Monday, February 21, 2005


Just read on a website that Hunter S Thompson has killed himself. Not sure what to say about that, but it deserves a mention.
In a grand display of cheap decedance I'm lying in bed typing this, as I look out of the window the slight whisps of snow have gathered a pace. I find snow to be incredibly calming.
Further to my post about the job interview I bring you all the latest update. I got the job. This is obviously a very good thing indeed but I'm honour bound to mention two things. Firstly my prediction was way off, I didn't think I'd got the job (although I did think the interview went well, if that makes sense) Secondly, I'm really scared. It's another move, my wife needs to sort a new job out and I'm making a big leap.
My in-laws visited over the weekend, which is always interesting. Our's is a difficult relationship but Ican't help but be impressed by the changes they're both making. My own parents have found a niche and settled into it and although I'm very happy (and maybe jealous) about that there is a sense that they're just ticking off days now. They drive around and see things but they don't appear to be expanding themselves or their horizons whereas my in-laws lead a fairly fulfilling life but still want a bit more. Interestingly I'd say it was my dad who was the most work driven, certainly I don't recall him anything other than goal orientated, now he's achieved his goal (work hard until you don't have to) there's not much else. Don't get me wrong, my mam and dad aren't just sitting around watching telly waiting to die, they just don't seem to be doing anything particularly stimulating. On the other hand I could be totally wrong, I don't see them all the time.
Looks like the snow has stopped.


paul said...

hey! congrats mr hd. so, when do you start?

paulhd said...

not totally sure, about a month. I'm hoping for end of march, it'll make things easier for giving notice on our place and rebecca giving notice at work