Saturday, February 10, 2007

The week that was

Slow week at BlahBlahBlah. Seeing as I had a week of work I thought I'd have a week off blogging, a whole week, honestly I'm shaking as I type this.
So what did I do on my week off? Ah, just stuff, y'know. Dismantled a wardrobe and desk, took some books and other stuff to a charity shop, moved a bookcase downstairs took two upstairs (there was method in this madness), went to Manchester and met up with my sister and her chap and basked in the gloriousness of spending time with my wife and daughter.
Going to Manchester meant I got to pick up a few comics I might not have noticed otherwise, which is always appreciated, best of them was Brian Ralph's 'Daybreak', well worth a look for his brilliant artwork. 'The Mighty Skullboy Army' collection was a lot of fun too. Talking of comics I see 'Fluffy' by Simone Lia was reviewed in the Guardian, I read a few issues of this and adored it, Lia's artwork is lovely and lovely, I'll be buying the collection.
For my own stuff I didn't try too hard to do anything but I rough scripted a story I'll call 'Robot' for now and hope when I draw it I'll have come up with a better title. I'll post up the design for robot in a couple of days, I might even start drawing the comic in week or so, as long as the shock of going back to work tomorrow does send me mad.


Katy said...

Dear Paul,

I live faraway, and through a combination of lack of funds, lack of time and general crappiness never get to visit you. It is with this in mind I insist you post more pictures of Olivia so I can coo over her from a distance.


kelvingreen said...

Robots good.

paulhd said...

Robots great Kelvin.