Friday, February 02, 2007

Zombie of the Great Unwashed page 4

That's some seriously stylised trees (perhaps they inspired Eileen's hair), but I like them and think they work. There's no perspective to speak of working here but after sketching an early version of this using proper perspective I just didn't like it, perhaps because of the odd looking trees. More panel repetition and straigtforward composition, but I like it here because of the back of the bench unifying it a little - little confession, these panel had to be reversed and redrawn cos I got Hugo and Derek the wrong way round, oops, that's like drawing an extra finger on someone's hand (which I've also done once or twice). Jason pointed out that it might not be immediately apparent that the note Derek is holding was previously stuck to Hugo's face, I have asked AccentUk if I can redo it, but it's not looking likely.


kelvingreen said...

I know Jason's the writer, but he's wrong. :) I immediately realised that the advert/flyer thing had blown and stuck to the zombie's face.

Have you read Scott McCloud's new Making Comics? There's a great bit on perspective in there, that says to basically chuck out the formal rules if the image looks better without. Which is what I think you've done here, so I shouldn't worry about it.

paulhd said...

Ah, well, I've already altered it, but only to make the squiggles look more like the text on p4.
Not read Making Comics, probably should, I love reading 'how to's' and interviews. Understanding Comics was great, but I still miss Zot.