Friday, February 02, 2007

Zombie of the Great Unwashed page 3

This page went through a complete layout change, mainly based around how to do the first panel. The script asked for the setting to be a modern bank in an old fashioned building and I had originally planned to have the panel run the width of the page, but as I'd already worked out the last panel and liked it as it was I realised panels 2 and 3 would be cramped. Also the old fashioned banks are all about ceilings, so I did a rejig and came up with this page. My slow thinking on this meant it was the last page I drew and as such it's rushed - the ceiling is the only thing that says 'bank' in panel 1 (ever tried to take a photo of a bank interior? Frowned upon.) The last panel highlights a bit of mistake I always make, I get grabbed by an idea for only part of image and then have to fit the rest of artwork around it. Still, that's some nice zombie biting action:)


kelvingreen said...

That last panel is a cracker. I'm enjoying the art on this strip more than the Best New Manga piece (which was also ace).

I've got a scene set inside a bank for something I'm working on, and I was thinking of popping into the local branch and taking a snap, but maybe I won't now! ;)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Not the dog !!!!!!

paulhd said...

Hey I love dogs.... just not as much as Hugo! Boom Boom!