Friday, March 28, 2008


Yup, Hero-Z is all done and dusted. And, pending word from the editor, I think it came together pretty good in the end. So, y'know, ignore any previous whining.
The pic here is a self-portait that showcases my difficulty at likenesses, even my own:)
Scarily, the hunched over a bit of paper on the floor? That's pretty accurate. Even when I had a drawing board I'd end up working on the floor. I'm sure I'll grow out of it when I'm crippled with back pain.


Peter Bangs said...

Weakness, I don't know, I recognised you.

paulhd said...

People are going to think I pay you Peter!
Once I drew the tongue everything else fell into place, it's the tongue of concentration, I use it a lot:)