Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hero-Z, one last time. For now.

Here's pages seven and eleven from Hero-Z. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing the publishers would rather I didn't show the entire strip before the book comes out, so I'll not post anymore for now.
The sound effects on page seven should be a good indication of how far my tongue is in my cheek with this strip. After my initial idea grew a little larger (I originally saw this as about 4 pages, it's ended up as 13) my approach to the artwork had to change, the conceit I came up with was to attempt to draw something fairly retro looking, I looked at mainly 60s/70s manga and a few other things. I got a bit nervous about whether this was working part way through, and looking at it I can see it's not what I originally saw in my head, but I think it works anyway.


Peter Bangs said...

Just a thought. Have you considered using somewhere like threadless to get your pics on t-shirts? And do use your blog to let us know about anything and everything you've got going on. Another thought, have you considered a phd sketchbook or offering prints of artwork? All you'd need is a paypal button and a decent A4 printer. Anything that gets you name recognition has got to be good.

paulhd said...

Well, a brief thought to t-shirts I guess. There's a couple of things I've done that might work, so maybe somewhere down the line.