Sunday, January 14, 2007


This weekend goes to the top of my weird family visiting charts. Nothing odd happened, but having Olivia stay at her grandparent's and seeing her great granda was another of those 'you have a daughter, idiot!' moments. Olivia had to be prized from her grandma's fingers like a gun from Charleton Heston's cold dead hands and she was a hit with her great granda, which I must admit brought a manly tear to my eye. My granda was diagnosed with stomach cancer and the decision's been taken not operate. He's fine at the moment and would rather have less time of better quality than a little longer and in no position to appreciate it. It did give seeing my baby girl smiling and gurgling on my granda's lap an extra jolt it probably didn't need and I'm so glad to have had it.
Back in Lancaster the house is a tip and feels very small after stopping at mam and dad's, there's a zombie script to finish drawing (it's about 80% pencilled, so it might be finished this time next week) and I'll be back at work tomorrow after a nice three day weekend.
Once the zombie comic is done I'm hoping to getting back to posting regular drawings, probably one a week. I like trying to regularly get something done and it being nice and self contained, I have been so inspired by noticing Eric Canete is posting artwork again, it's great stuff, but I'm just blown away by the fact how prolific he is, if I do four pix a month I'm patting myself on the back between catching my breath.
I sneaked a go on my dad's broadband and had a look at the ace Grindhouse trailer as well as this fabulous pic, which is compulsory viewing but may drive you insane

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