Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I missed Ugly Betty tonight as it clashed with Party Animals on BBC2, which I wasn't so sure about but ended up really enjoying - the guy from Ruby in the Smoke was really good. And, y'know, there's 4 chances to see Ugly Betty, which is crazy, but as I love it I don't mind.
Also saw the trailer for the new series of the unbelievably brilliant Life on Mars, which was as amazing as I'd heard, utter utter genius.
I'll calm down now.


kelvingreen said...

Ah, the missus watched Betty, so I missed out on the BBc2 thing. Not too bothered, except for the Life on Mars trailer; I missed the first series when it was on as I was in Yanquiland, but I've been loving the repeats on BBC3.

paulhd said...

The trailer's great, I'm sure it's on youtube somewhere.

Danny said...

Absolutely - all kinds of Camberwick Greeny goodness

kelvingreen said...

Yep. Jee-Nee-Oos.

Trump said...

The shop that's on the trailer is about 50 yards from my house. The same bit of street was used in a very early episode of Cracker. All the back streets they show are round here. I came home to see all the film crew milling about a few months ago and wondered if it was for Life on Mars.