Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Mighty Thor

Man this sat half finished for a couple of weeks. Why has it taken this long to finish? No idea really.
There's more to add to this pic but I'd like to do it in colour, stuff like lighting effects and cracking ground, that sort of thing.
I would've liked to simplify this more, bringing it closer to my sketch, but I chickened out, the curve of arm to shoulder was less broken up, as was the curve from leg to leg, Moljinor was bigger too, but I was getting penis envy:)


Andrew Glazebrook said...

There's this Thor, then there's Thor who used to blow up Hot water bottles as part of his stage act. I'd like to see them battle ! Nice piccy, now get yer felt tips out ! Thor on stage !

paulhd said...

I'm more of a coloured pencils and crayon man Andrew.
I remember that Thor, who's stronger true believer, Thor or Thor?!?!