Thursday, May 24, 2007


And another big gap between posts. Been a rough old time lately, Rebecca's found the time since her last treatment a bit harder than the last ones, culminating in some serious fatigue. Next treatment may be delayed which isn't serious it just means the whole process will be longer which is a pain.
Olivia's got two little teeth poking through and is handling it very well, although she's had her moments.
I've not done much worth posting about. I used my birthday cash to buy a little Wacom tablet that came with a Coral Painter package which I'm messing with. Don't think it's the right package for me but it's much better than what I was using and should make colouring more interesting. I've got a little check list of some things I want to draw and I've even been writing a few things, nothing major but I'm going out of my mind with stress and boredom so I have to do something!

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