Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And now it can be told....

I had a job interview. There, the secret's out. Unfortunately I didn't get the job which is a shame as it involved working at a University complete with childcare facilities.
The interview itself went pretty well, but just not quite well enough. On the up side I was really surprised to even get as far as the interview and was told it was a difficult decision to make, that along with the fact that there were 45 applicants and I was going for a career change has given me a bit of a boost. And, as I've been saying, and have had said to me a fair bit, it's all good practice.
Back at the drawing board (which is, frankly, the only job I really want!), I should be finishing up 'MY robot!' tonight, so you can read the finished story either tonight or tomorrow. It's been hard work, but I've enjoyed it. No resting though, as I've got an Illustration Friday scribble that needs turning into something, another pic to accompany the previous zombie one and a 7 page script that needs illustrating - with a pretty tight deadline. And no doubt there'll be some other bits and bobs as well. The increase in work is me preparing to really get stuck into things in the new year, getting another day time job is important, but nowhere near as important as working harder writing and drawing.


Peter Bangs said...

Sorry it didn't work out. Keep looking though. What was this complete change of direction by the way?

Jason said...

Darn shame. Sounds like you did really well to get that far though, which is always a good sign. A step in the right direction and all that. Now, get drawing! :-)