Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Inbetween days

It's really annoying that I struggle to move quickly from one project to another. Instead of buzzing from the last bit of work I feel like I have to start from scratch and relearn how to draw. I guess it's because I update my style each time I do something - I say update because it's always recognisably 'me' and there's nothing radically altered.
In between 'MY robot!' I've written a review for the latest 'Captain Underpants' collection and am working on another review for the Downthetubes site. I've been doing the odd bit of sketching still, but it's time to kick start the next comic I think. In the meantime go here for some frankly breathtaking artwork on the Project Rooftop site. I wasn't that fussed about entering into the redesign WonderWoman competition, mainly because all I would do is tweak the original costume. I'm regreting not thinging harder after seeing the amazing redesigns.
Also, I invite you to be cruel and laugh at the woman below. Who knew that Han Solo's sister was called Trumpet Solo. Bless her for trying.


Peter Bangs said...

My sides hurt to much to mock. That's truly awful.

Danny said...

Oh my god... That's genius!!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...
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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Still, it was better than the prequels !! :) Though not by much !