Saturday, March 19, 2005

First 'new' post

Seeing as I'm bored I've been 'surfing the net' (an odd phrase, physically active people (who say 'dude') surf, people spending hours online don't strike me as particularly physical) and I ended up on salon (I want to start using links in these posts again but I won't this time, my spite will become clear) which is supposed to be a smart online magazine, I've seen it around but never really looked at it. The article I spotted today seemed pretty interesting (celebrity blogs, why do they do it, why are so many embarrassing (I'm not aware of this phenomenon but the opportunity to laugh at celebs seemed like fun)) so I decided to give it a look. What I discover is that Salon sucks. Two paragraphs or so into the article I find out I need to be a member to read it all (okay, maybe I should've known that already, but frankly it bugs me that online mags or anything online (well, apart from pornsites I suppose) won't let the casual browser have a look at something, I thought the web was supposed to break down those walls?) Fine, I think, I'll get a membership, I can have it ad free but I have to pay or I can get it free but I have to endure ads. Personally I hate being coerced into buying crap I don't want with unimaginative ads but on the other hand I don't feel like paying to read one stupid article, so I click the free with ads button and have to wade through pages of ads for one fucking film! a crappy looking piece of shit with Queen Latifa as a hairdresser and Andie MacDowell as a talentless actress who does stupid makeup ads, oh sorry, that's the real world. I gave up. One ad would have been enough, maybe I'd even put up with two or three if they'd at least been for different things, but a bunch of ads for one thing is just taking the piss, that fuck it wasn't for a film I might've actually been interested in, it could've put me off.

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