Saturday, March 05, 2005


Rebecca and I went to Lancaster on tuesday and stopped over night. Thankfully my brief view of the place was pretty much on the money, in other words Rebecca loved it and so did I.
We may have found a place to live, it's renting so the we've got to put up with the usual wait and see process, there's also a few other issues. Hopefully it'll work out as we liked the place.
It looks like Rebecca will be ok with agency work, although annoyingly she missed out on a regular job. Anyway, workwise it's looking like she'll be fine which is important to me. Rebecca's giving up things to go to Lancaster, her position as an assistant manager being the main one so I'd like thingsd to be as smooth and sucessful as possible.
Very strange to be moving again, there's a lot of worry and frustration but I find myself hoping. I hope this will work out, I hope the new job goes well and I fit in, I hope that Rebecca gets a good job, I hope she looks into new things, I hope we can afford to buy a house, I hope to get out more and be active, I hope I write and draw more and get published. I hope we're happy.
That's the great thing about moving. Despite all the turmoil there's a lot of possiblities and opportunities.


paul said...

excellent, hope all works out with the rental but at least you know you like the town - already a step up from your nottingham experience!

oh the times are a changin'

paulhd said...

Early days yet but Lancaster does seeme like a lovely place and we're really looking forward to moving there.... shame about the permanent knot of anxiety in my stomach