Monday, March 21, 2005

Is it even worth gettingso bothered about this?

Adverts, horrible things aren’t they? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a well done interesting looking ad, but they count for very little of the advertising out there and it doesn’t matter, basically ads are inducements to buy things you don’t really need and didn’t even want. I don’t want things I don’t want, the world’s full of pointless junk as it is without greedy companies and individuals producing more and then spending vast amounts of money in the hope of making vaster amount of money.
The reason ads have raised my ire this time (this is what an honest PHD blog looks like BTW, moaning about stuff that probably doesn’t matter. Oh well, I do like stuff too, I’ll talk about that some time, promise) is because of Pot Noodle. Now when Pot Noodle recently relaunched themselves as ‘the slag of snacks’ I thought that was quite clever, crude but clever. They were telling us what we already knew and it was funny enough an idea and recognisable to us that it was possible to appreciate a pot noodle for what it is, a foul indulgence best avoided but occassionally enjoyed. But the jokes gone too far now with the new ‘pot noodle horn’ ads. Crude, purile, over the top, lame, pointless and worst of all for something like this, shit and not funny. This kind of one note inuendo is cropping up more and more in the highly sexualised and glamourised media industry which seems intent on not just damaging our intelect but desensitising sex to the point where we could have a world of eunuchs - perhaps this is part of greater plan to slow down population growth? If so then maybe I don’t mind.

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