Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Oh dear. I've just seen an advert for a very lame looking TV Quick kind of magazine. I honestly can't remember what this rubbish looking rag is called, probably because I was too busy cringing in pain due to the fact that the advert used 'Our House' by Madness as a backing track and Suggs seems to have provided new vocals where he sings the name of the magazine instead of the words 'Our House'.
I'm used to hearing songs I like used to sell stuff I don't care about, but the artist actually lending a hand in the butchering of the song is a new one on me.
'Our House' is a song I've loved since I was a kid. Cheers Suggs, it'll never sound the same again, hope you were paid well.


paul said...

ugh. just saw this ad yesterday and it really is horrible. do you think it's really suggs singing, or just a sound-a-like. not that this would excuse the man, he presumably still signed the rights over.

the only precedent i can think of is shed seven's "at the link it's easy" where they managed to completely ruin their best song at a time when they had also just succeeded at alienated most of their fans by releasing a load of really shit, sell-out, new material. nice work!

Danny said...

No.. that definitely is Suggs, Either that or they've found a very very good imitation. The rest of the track sounds exactly the original... Dear me...

paulhd said...

Yeah, it's Suggs singing. It's not the original backing track though, it's as little sparer and a lot cheesier. Suggs didn't even write the original, it was Chas Smash and Chris Thompson, so I've got to wonder if Suggs didn't sing on the ad to get a little extra cash (i'm assuming all of Madness got something out of the advertisers, but that the writers of the song got a little more)
I'm wondering if it's possible to set fire to every single celebrity who.... actually I think it might be an idea to set fire to all of them.