Saturday, March 19, 2005


I'm getting bored with my blog. Not blogging, just this blog. I started another one about a month ago (, it's meanspirited little thing and I'm already a bit bored of it to be honest - although it's probably better than my proper blog! The problem is that I'm a fairly restained blogger (far more than I am in real life), even my rant against the fur wearing talentless arse known as J-lo was restrained. I rarely mention work related mishaps not just because I don't want to lose my job but because I don't want to upset anyone who might happen to google their way here. I've had some interesting (well, maybe not interesting, but I've wanted to talk about them) experiences in the world of small press comics but I've kept them to myself incase I get caught criticising soomeone. I could hide behind a fake name and sling mud to my hearts content but that strikes me as a particularly shitty thing to do. I think it might be time to pick a new template (wish I could design one myself) and revamp the blog to reflect the really me. All that'll probably change is that I use more swearwords, I've not got that much of an interesting life!

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