Friday, March 25, 2005

We're leaving home, bye bye

Felt the need to delete my previous post, I doubt anyone saw it so it's no big deal but drunken I love you all and goodbyes just have no place on here, sorry.
Booked a removal firm yesterday, shopped around and ended up going with a place that wasn't actually the cheapest but was still the best choice. One of the big pains for us when we move (especially to another city) is that we can't drive and have to travel with the removal men. The idignity. I feel like a kid asking to sit up front.
So other than finishing the packing (a fair bit done already but we'll finishing up on Sunday) we're done. The removal men will round on Tuesday, about 9:30, they reckon they can get us to Lancaster at about 2-ish. And I start work the next day.
It's a weird feeling, moving. We've done it a fair bit and it gets no better. Some moves go easier than others, but that's like talking about the least painful broken limb you've had. At the moment I'm feeling incredibly disconnected and adrift.
My fingers are tightly crossed (and yet my typing isn't suffering) that the house we move into (and I'll feel sure that's going to happen when I've got the keys in my hand and using them to open the front door) is going to work out and we can stay in there until we move into the place we eventually buy, which I'd like to be sooner rather than later.
This weird disconnected feeling, don't like it and rather not think about it. Got to think about all the positive possiblities, pay off debts, save up, do well at the job and progress in the only thing I've ever had resembling a career, write more, draw more, develop myself, create more opportunities, have proper holidays, not look like a loser and just do more. All this hinges on me doing well at work and my wife getting a job. No point in acting like I can't do the job, that won't get me anywhere and my wife's chances of getting a job in her field are pretty decent due to her abilities and experience. So fuck it, a move taken for the best reasons and with our eyes wide open... wish us luck?

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