Saturday, October 01, 2005

On my own

Saturday night, the start of my holiday and I'm in an empty house eating a packet of biscuits and listening to the wind howl through the trees and rain beat on the doors and windows. It should be miserable but I'm actually quite happy, there's pens, pencils, paper, books and comics on the floor and I'm safe indoors with no responsibilities and no one to tell me what to do.


Nimiwey said...
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reeseporter said...

Yeah, i ate most of a packet of Shortcake Biscuits. I almost had Garibaldis but there seems to be a taboo about them for some reason and this makes me have to eat them in secret with guilt. Why is that? What is wrong with their crunchy, sweet, chewy, fruity goodness-me?

By the way, you're implying that despite the pens, paper and comics... you're still dallying with the Mac. Get a room.

paulhd said...

I'd probably really like Garibaldis now that I'm grown up and can fully appreciate the concept and tasty fact of dried fruit. As a child, however, asking for a biscuit and being given something that resembled a sticky dead fly sandwich has forever tainted the humble Garibaldi, it's just too much of a grown up biccie.
The Mac was for, uh, reference.
I did end up drawing a shark with a hook in it's mouth eating a guy on a surfboard (surfers, I believe they're called) which I'm quite pleased with. Anyone under the age of mid-30's and/or female will have no idea why this gave me great pleasure.... unless you hate surfers.

Katy said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, to be honest. I love hearing storms when I'm safe inside, and I love biscuits. If Gael Garcia Bernal was there too, it would be my best night ever.

Nimiwey said...

biscuits are for dogs. civilzed people eat cookies. oreos to be exact.

paulhd said...

Oreos? Chocolate bisuit things with cream filling? I think I had those once. I have had many biscuits from many places, I wander the world eating biscuits. Biscuits, not cookies. As an aside, how sad is it that Cookie Monster doesn't really eat cookies any more? And the Count can't laugh after he counts? And Wagon Wheels used to be bigger, etc.

reeseporter said...

oreo cookies are for dumbarses.

they are the only BISCUIT that has eating instructions on the packet.

America are the biggest producer and consumer of these.


reeseporter said...

How can they compete?



I refer you all to the marvel of: I've got the book and it is absolutely ace.

reeseporter said...

PAUL said "And Wagon Wheels used to be bigger, etc".

Your hands have got bigger. I remember Digestive Biscuits being the same size as the common garden side-plate but now... i could almost inhale them.

Interestingly, biscuits have gotten smaller but bills have gotten bigger. Is there some kind of connection there? Perhaps a nice correlation graph is in need with an explanation and beard.

paulhd said...

Never really believed Wgon Wheels were bigger really, it's the same optical illusion that makes Blackpool look spectacular when you're a kid and a seedy shit hole when you're a grown up.