Friday, October 14, 2005

Top of MY Pops

You won't find many posts on here about music, the reason being I don't really follow it and am very picky about what I listen to (you might spot who one of those things leads into the other) Having a look on Amazon a couple of days ago I decided to check if the excellent 'Blanche' had a follow up to 'If We Can't Trust The Doctor's' (they don't) and I ended up stumbling through the 'people who bought 'x' also bought 'x' and found something of interest. Bonnie Prince Billy is the band (although it's a band in the same way that Iron and Wine is a band, ie one guy, in the case of BPB it's someone called Will Oldham) and I managed to pick something up in the local HMV. Superwolf is a collaboration between BPB and Matt Sweeny (who I'll have to check into) and it's pretty damn special. My ability to review music ranks with my ability to nail jelly to a wall so I suggest everyone goes to amazon and search for BPB, it's worth it. Oh yeah, if Danny hasn't already heard of the guy then he's on the PBP is one the Domino label which should be of interest to you Danny.


Gopher said...

I surely hope Danny knows what you're talking about!

I think I need some enlightening - I find most music pretty pointless at the moment.

Danny said...

Yep! I know BPB - pretty ace stuff from what I've heard of his (well BPB/ Palace/Palace Brothers or whatever he's calling himself at the time!) Domino is a fantastic label, and I'm really glad that Franz Ferdinand are making them a bit of cash. A true indie that provides a home for a whole raft of fantastic bands and bedsit lo-fi types.

True, Gopher. There is a fuck of a lot of pointless crap around at the moment. I just think that makes it more rewarding when you do find something decent!

Gopher said...

Well I'll take any tips.