Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Perfect Circle

I have a REM itch I must scratch, tomorrow I need to go out and buy 'Murmur'. REM see me at my most embarressing (well, they tie with a lot of other incidents of major embarressment actually) Back when I was a bit of a muso I really liked REM, then they got popular, and they got popular (particularly in the UK) with stuff that really wasn't as good as the stuff that I liked back when no one knew about them damnit! And that's why it's embarressing, nothiong worse than some kid throwing a strop because 'their' band became popular. But I found an old compilation tape I made for Rebecca before we got married (which makes it over 9 years old!) and there was a couple of early REM tracks on and I can't get them out of my head. It also had 'Lets Lynch The Landlord' by the Dead Kennedys making me regret getting rid of 'Fresh Fruit From Rotting Vegetables'. Could I be getting into music again?
In other news I saw an affordable scanner a couple of days ago and might even buy it on Friday (day off) which means I could post some artwork, I might even change my avatar if I can dig out a decent pic. I will definitely show off my brown pinstripe suit on here too!
Haven't updated the book list on the right since I started it which is bad (even worse I never sorted out that dodgy link Gopher spotted), I'll get round to it a day or too. One problem is because I get advance copies there's not always something to link to, I guess I could just find something general on the authors though so that's a bit of weak excuse. Not started 'Night at the Circus' yet but I might read 'The Brief History of the Dead' by Kevin Brockmeier as I've had the proof for a month now and there's a bit of a buzz about it, apparently it's very good. Don't worry though Danny, I won't forget Angela.


fleur118 said...

You liked such a wide range of music I don't think I would have put you in a specific music group, well apart from the perm and bon jovi phase.

I like REM they have a good mix of music from somber to poppy.

Gopher said...

Perm. and Bon Jovi? Dear me!

I liked REM after they became popular unfortunately. Nirvana before, Red Hot Chili Peppers after... who cares? It is annoying when people criticise you for following somebody fashionable rather than simply for them being good!

I've got to comment less on people's blogs... I'm starting to flood the 'net with my avatar!

paulhd said...

Hence the embarressment Gopher, fortunately I'm incredibly mature now. In my defense I did grow up in a place where liking anything that wasn't in the Top 10 meant you should die. To be different was to suffer at the hands of idiots, when those idiots start going on about the kind of things they hated you for liking it's a bit galling...... and I was a knob.
Ah the perm and 'The Jovi', I'm sure I've commited greater sins, which is a scary thought.
That zen post on Nimiwey's blog does look like a Gopher fan site thanks to your comments, maybe you could get a couple of different avatars?

fleur118 said...

Paulhd you seem to forget the fact that a fair few people thought you were quite a looker though that may have been after the perm.

Its fair to say our home town was and probably still is wank. Do you go on friends reunited just to see who never got out?

paulhd said...

Hey you have an avatar (that's a funny word isn't it? HAV-AH-TAHR)! Hmm, I don't recall anyone thinking I was a bit of a looker before or after the perm, apart from that mad stick insect I went out with.
Yup it's a bag of wank alright. I went on Friend Reunited in the hope of seeing all the people I hated floundering and stuck in the same old shitty town.... and loads of them were, yay! Bit sad really, but there's not one person I want to see from the old place, then again I was the school geek.

Gopher said...

I was the school geek too and my town sounds just as bad, but unfortunately many got out. I was hoping they'd got life sentences within the town denying them access to the outside world.

"and I was a knob" - was?

And yes Nim's Zen was one of them. I flooded some of Mental Rebellion as well. Maybe I will change my avatar - this is the only image I can stand to look at though!

Nimiwey said...

UMMM OK let me set the record STRAIGHT ON A FEW THINGS.

Zen post Gopher uninspired. Brainmarket sold me on Buddhism a long time ago, but just recently I've decided to renew my membership.

I had a perm, LOVED bon jovi, def lepard, poison, ac/dc, motley crue, HELL YEA GO 80's you youngin' back off! Proud time in American history. Paul, I've hit on you presumably post-perm saying youre cute. You are cute. I'd probably hit on you irl.

You have to like everything American after we do, by the nature of geography. Ergo, anything you like American is liked AFTER I've Heard it. HAHAHA. So the whole world hates us and we're fat war-mongers, will still have some good tunes.

New avatar, Paul? That's madness. Settle down, mr.

paulhd said...

I'm more of a dick than a knob now Gopher, I've no idea if this is a promotion, demotion or a side step.
Yeah I may have been mr alternative music but I was also into cheesy pop, metal, ska, etc. Nothing wrong with a bit of perm rock... in it's place ie the past.
It wasn't just American stuff I tried to like before anything else (and boy did I try to get there first, which is an utter futile exercise) but you've got a point Nimiwey.
As for the whole cute thing, sadly by hitting on me I've consigned you to the same catagory as my wife and a small select member of the female (and male I guess) community, ie 'wrong in the head'. It's just one of those things, no one sees themselves how others see them and if I did look in the mirror and see a honey then I'd be an actor and therefore scum. However I do think (hope) I have good days as well as bad.
Fancy changing the avatar just because the present one's nearly 2 years old or something, I have a fair bit more hair now.
Zen/Buddhism - not for me. There's stuff that's interesting but I'd just prefer to find my own way, which means I steal stuff from anywhere. I'm just as likely to follow the philosophy of Bruce Lee or Dr Suess as I am anything else

fleur118 said...

"Oh my god it's Brad Pitt!!!"