Saturday, November 19, 2005

A 200th post, am mystery revealed

Why was I so down last night? What was the weird occurance mentioned in the post before that?
The manager at the shop I work at as assistant manager quit a couple of days ago and yesterday was his last day complete with leaving do. Less than 5 minutes after head office type people got his signature on the leaving forms they asked me if I would consider replacing him for at least the Christmas period. I've not been an AM for a long time and still need training with that, but I took the job anyway voicing my concerns.
It's not really for me to go into the circumstances of why my boss went, and why so soon, but it's been a tough year at work and I totally understand why he felt he had to go, and truth be told he looked better over the last couple of days than he has in a while, so good for him. But to be told your a man down and it's the bossman just at the start of a seriously busy shopping season can take the wind out of your sails,to have to replace him felt like being beaten by those sails. I'm glad to be trusted with the task, and could do with the extra money, but it did feel a little bit like climbing over someone's corpse to get a job. Silly to feel like that, circumstance has got me the job and it I had nothing to do with that, but my ex is a nice guy, who was pleased for me, and I felt a little bittersweet about it all.
But now it's a bright new crisp cold day and I'm just about to post my 200th post (let's party!) put a top on (still only in my jama bottoms - a truly horrible sight) go out and have a coffee.


Danny said...

Happy 200th Post!!!

reeseporter said...

Paul.. i saw Danny popping party balloons...

Happy 200th Blog btw.