Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Saturday

Soup first. Yesterday was Red Thai veg, today I had Tomato Barley and Basil and Rebecca had Parsnip, Apple and Ginger. Every one of these soups were delicious, with the added perfection of it being cold and wet outside plus we were facing the Subway over the road and got to laugh at the idiots who actually eat the muck Subway claims to be sandwiches.
On a food note we went out for pizza last night and mine had stilton on, stilton is very good on pizza, give it ago if you haven’t already.
Looks like I’m doing that manga-esque comic I mentioned a while ago. I finally sent a synopsis for a story along with some recent art samples (including the one’s I posted on this very blog) and the editor liked it all enough to give me the go ahead. So now I’ve just got to do it and make it good enough to appear in print. Daunting, scary and exciting all wrapped in one package.
Picked up an amazing graphic novel yesterday. The Rabbi’s Cat by Joann Sfar is excellent, comic lovers, cat lovers or people just interested in charming debate should buy this immediately. I’ve added it to the book pile on the right and observant follows of my blog will already be aware of the link to Sfar’s website. The book link I chose was to the US amazon site simply because it already has quite a few reviews (one bad one, not because the author didn’t like the book but because it was a moronic review!) but the book is also available in the UK.... obviously, that’s how I got a copy.
Finally got round to picking up Laura Veirs latest CD, very good indeed, I’m sure I got the chance to see her a year or so ago and didn’t bother (think that’s the gig Paul went to?), which makes me an idiot.
I bought a jumper and a couple of t-shirts today, when I tried them on I was surprised to see my reflection not looking as fat as I thought it would, infact I may not have a six pack at the moment but I’ve managed to keep a flat stomach and there’s nary a sign of bitch titage or bingo wing on me. Don’t know how I’ve got away with this as I’ve been regularly eating cake, jelly beans (especially the cinnamon, root bear and peanut butter flavoured ones.... mmmm) and the odd packet of biscuits. Anyway, the pleasures of sugar will have to be curtailed for a while to prepare myself for the fine food overload that is the Christmas season.
Lancaster puts on a fabulous fireworks display and this year we got to see it, what with living here now. I’m a bit funny about fireworks, partly because I’m not big on crowds and partly because I’m not big on fireworks. When I was a kid the smell made me feel sick and I wasn’t always terribly comfortable with the noise - I was a bit of a nervous child I think. Anyway, the display was held near the church and castle (not a pub name, that’s a spot we’re there is actually a church and a castle - it’s well known for being a favourite spot for hanging witches, but then I don’t think there’s a spot in Lancaster where witches haven’t been hung) and was fantastic. Seeing the fireworks exploding next to the church was amazing, and the accompaniment of various classical music was perfect.


Nimiwey said...

Thanks a lot, Paul, I gained three pounds just reading what you've bee eating =/

Gopher said...

Better you than me with that diet. Can't wait to see your stuff in print.

paulhd said...

Rebecca wants me to say the she gained the pounds I didn't. I'm trying really hard to wipe the grin off my face.

Garen said...

I'm stupidly excited about seeing a new comic strip from you. I'll go and have a cup of tea.

paulhd said...

You big kid Garen! I'm looking forward to doing comics again. The idea I've got is a nice one (I think), hopefully I can turn it into a decent script and then do it justice. I think I'm going to do a few more things as this has given me the push I needed to get going again.

reeseporter said...

sometimes creative inspiration can be so elusive and othertimes it just pours from your brain like a burst pipe and you dont have time to catch every drop and deal with it.

fingers crossed that you manage to capture some great pieces and share them with us soon.


paul said...

yes, veirs, actually saw her again the other week in notts at the slightly less appropriate venue of the rescue rooms, although she was still very good. you should check out mr karl blau too, he's in her band but also did the support at both the shows i've seen, he is amazingly great. he's got a nice record project going at

oh, and good news on the comic! very exciting!

paulhd said...

Never cared for the Rescue Rooms either although I did see Clem Snide and Andrew Bird there and had a jolly good time. Bonnie Prince Billy has got a live CD out which I have to get but I must see him live. Guess I should make the trek to Manchester to see gigs now.
Yeah I'm purdy excited about the comic, cheers. I'll be sharing stuff here Reece don't you worry - I expect lots of compliments and encouragement which I shall moodily shrug off!