Thursday, November 10, 2005

The music continues

Thanks to Danny's recommendation I bought Nine Black Alps today and enjoyed if very muchly. However this fine CD was overshadowed by the staggeringly good 'All The Stuff and More' by 'The Vaselines'. The CD was cheap, Curt Cobain was a fan and I'd recently found out that far from being some Seattle grunge band or a New York post punk new wave act they were in fact a jangly indie Scottish '80's garage band and what with me being a bit of Jesus and Mary Chain fan (I still remember first hearing 'Some Candy Talking' in my Nana and Granda's kitchen when I was about thirteen or fourteen. Bliss.) I figured I'd give them a go. Utterly fucking amazing. Funny, folky and punky, and lovely.

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Gopher said...

Not by Sony I hope... mwahaha.

Maybe you need to bring some of your recommendations when you visit. Give me something else to try...