Monday, November 28, 2005

Pastry, cheese, whisky and nonsense

Just in case anyone’s wondering. yes, I did finish up my script. it does need a little work however, so I’ll try and polish it up on Monday evening and then send it off.
Not a very interesting weekend, much of it spent at work which meant I missed a big chunk of the French market that visited. I did manage to buy some delicious pastries but it was mostly just looking and oohing and ahing.
One high point was finally sampling the famous (in this neck of the woods at least) cheese board as supplied by the Water Witch ( our nearest pub, famous for having good cheese, whisky and, like so many places in Lancaster, hanging witches). The cheese was fantastic, the whisky perfect, and the witches were spared.
Due to the difficulties in getting to a decent cinema I finally managed to watch ‘The Decent’, a review will be appearing of danny’s review blog soon, but basically I loved it.
I’ll be breaking out my pinstriped suit for the work’s Christmas do on Wednesday, not sure how it’ll go but I’m looking forward to in anyway. I went out for a drink tonight and bumped into a someone from work and realised that nobody really seems to have a clue what I’m like. Not that I’m some enigma, just that they have certain expectations of me that they believe I’m actually fulfilling but in actual fact are far from what I should be doing or what I’m about.
Oh hell, it was an interesting weekend really, I’m just not telling you all why. Not everything’s for blogging consumption!


Nimiwey said...

so unfair, inquiring minds really want to know...

Danny said...

PAul, your title names four of my favourite things! Gold Star, sir!

paulhd said...

Sadly inquiring minds will have to feel the stinging pain of disapointment.
Four Favourite things? Excellent, amazing how well they all go together too. What would I add to the list to make it complete? Hmmm. Very little as it happens.