Sunday, February 05, 2006

Corporate spying

About a month ago I tried to take some pictures in a Starbucks as reference for my short comic strip (the main character works in a coffee shop) and was told to stop. Today I asked at the Cafe Nero in town if it was possible to take a couple of pictures of someone making coffee and got a very flat ‘no’. I know none of this is personal and I’m also aware from my own job that chains frown heavily (until their eye brows and eyes disappear in a wrinkle of disdain) on people taking pictures of the premises, but it still feels like a slap in the face. The Cafe Nero one was particularly annoying as I’d just bought drinks for my wife and I and was politely asking permission, a friendly no and an explination would’ve been nice.
Actually what probably annoys me most is that I had hoped I projected an aura of ‘affable decent guy’ which is apparently not the case.


Gopher said...

I've taken pics in Starbucks before. In fact I've taken pics in a lot of places including a few top security facilities I've worked at. I guess I've got that look... that and many others.

reeseporter said...

Mr Miggins and i have perfected a method of taking photos of things that we want to get shots of.

One of us stands "in front" of the camera and the other person takes the picture just off to the side of what they actually want to get a shot of.

The innocent by-stander believes that you're just taking photos of the other person.

Works a treat.

Do Cafe Nero and Starbucks keep track of those people who use camera phones in their branches or who late at night with friends have digi/disposable cameras with them on a night out to somewhere?

Next time, i wouldnt bother asking. Dont give them the opportunity to say no, just the opportunity to say nothing as that's much easier for them.

Miggyman said...

I suggest using the powers Mr Porter has already suggested.

It's an amazing tatic and slaps them in their "you can't" faces.

Do first and ask later, though don't apply this to everything in life or you could get arrested.

paulhd said...

Well, I di take a few pix without asking, but the one's I needed to get were right in the coffee making bit so I pretty much had to ask. Maybe I should've just barged in like I was way to important and senior to be messed with?

reeseporter said...

give them shock, with luck, the drones wont have been trained in how to deal with that.

Garen said...

Say you need to take a pic of your coffee being made "for legal reasons..."

reeseporter said...

tell them that you're a mature student doing a GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism and that would they mind awfully if you took some pictures for your coursework?