Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Making lemonade

How's this for a bright idea? I get loads of spam, I'm just not computer literate to know how to block it and I've had the same email account for over 5 years. Spam is annoying, it's intrusive, it's dodgy and there's never anything you actually want. But I've found a use for it. When I write one of the big problems I have is character's names, I really struggle to come up with decent ones. So I'll stop bothering and just use the names of the 'people' who spam me. There's some incredibly inventive names, I got an email from Prospero Purdam today, how cool is that? There's a story I started last year that calls for silly arcane, gutteral sounding names, there wasn't a Prospero in it, but it is now.

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