Friday, February 17, 2006

Inky finger

Funny old time at the moment. On one hand I’m up to my eyeballs in work, but on the other hand it’ll all be over soon.
Sitting on the floor doing my drawing (yeah I have a table, I even have a drawing board, but I still do most of my work sat on the floor like a little kid) I’m feeling much the same as I often do at this stage, the deadline is closing, I’m regretting leaving it so late (I have an excuse this time though), cursing my ineptitude and feeling elated at what I can actually do when I’m forced to get cracking.
In the real world my fulltime job will be changing, and not a moment too soon. Bizarrely I do have an interview to take over the role I’ve temporarily been doing for the last few months. It’s bizarre to apply for a job you’re already doing, but more so when you don’t really want and you’re not really wanted for it either.
The best thing about this interview and comic deadline is that it’s all over on the same day (ish) and it’s the day my holiday starts. Bit annoying to spend the first day of my holiday in an interview, but it works out pretty well, not only do things come to a close just at the start leaving me the rest of the week to chew cud, but the interview’s in Blackpool so me and Rebecca will be eating ice cream/candy floss/chips and mixing it all up on a few rides. Kiss me quick hats will be optional.


Gopher said...

Ahh Blackpool... officially the toilet bowl of the UK.

fleur118 said...

Whats the name of that ride that we used to go on with the G-Force holding us back?

paulhd said...

Now you're asking, you know what a wuss I am, all thoughts of rides have been long forgotten.
Blackpool combines grim and fun in equal measures Gopher, anyway, I thought you didn't like those kind of absolutes, or is that just London?