Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time on my hands

It’s about time I expanded the links bit of my blog. So eyes left and check out some of the stuff I’ve been checking out lately.
Monsterama would be an excellent site anyway, but the fact that Jay Stephen’s is the brains behind it makes it even better. Jay did some great comics in the 90’s but seems to havev moved into animation more and more. I remember picking up ‘Space Ape No. 8’ by Jay years ago in a comic shop in Leeds and being bowled over, the work I’d seen by him before (‘Atomic City Tales’) was good, but Space Ape was the bees knees. Think I gave my copy of the comic to Danny when I got the collection, ‘Land of Nod’ that Dark Horse put out. Anyway, go click and check out the cool monster masks, haunted memories and other top links.
Dean Haspiel is another cartoonist who’s gone from strength to strength. Top Shelf put out a collection of his ‘Billy Dogma’ stories a few years ago which is how I discovered him. I’ve not checked out ‘The Quitter’ by Dean and indie legend Harvey ‘American Splendor’ Pekar, but that’s only because it’s a pricey hardback from DC who’re just trying to screw more cash out of the readers, I’ll sit tight fot the paper back like the tightwad I am.
My mate Liam’s blog disappeared a while back, but he’s giving it another go now, or at least he was, it’s gone a bit quiet again, hopefully just temporarily though.
That’ll do for now, more to come though.


Nimiwey said...

Hey thanks for the larger type! I'm kinda blind anyway, with neither contacts nor glasses helping =/

What's with you and Danny dodging the firestorm on my blog hmmm? (a hem gopher and reese)

Gopher said...

I think it's going around in random cycles Nim, don't worry about it.

Firestorm... interesting.

paulhd said...

I'm going through a glasses wearing phase at the moment. I have incredibly bad eyesight but can't tolerate the concept of contacts. Glasses hurt my nose and ears and a history of *sniff* bullying doesn't help my comfort.
I have been reading the firestorm on your blog Nimiwey but just haven't anything worthwhile add (I've typed and deleted a couple of times). You're not missing out on any great insights though.