Monday, February 13, 2006

wa’choo bin waitin’ fo’

Well, long time promised but here’s a peek preview (yes, that third one is of the coffee shop I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures in - in the original photo I used for ref. the woman who stopped my fun was giving me some seriously evil eye) of a couple of pages of my manga comic strip for those who’re interested. It’s all fairly light and basic as I usually add more ‘weight’ to the stuff when I ink, but this is pretty much what the end result will look like. Afraid my scan/imageposting skills aren't up to much which is why they don't look so neat on the blog, but it's getting on and I'll fix it later.... maybe.
I’m about two thirds through the pencils and I’ve got about 2 weeks tops to finish it all up, very tight deadline indeed! Still, I ink very fast and can probably do all 20 pages in about 5 days, but that only leaves 8 or 9 to finish the pencils which is where I’m at my slowest/weakest.
Anyway, all be over soon, then a bit later work pressures should get lifted from my shoulders and dumped onto someone elses, then I can practice my banjo, write, read, watch cheesy horror DVDs and generally muck about a bit. Yes!

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Garen said...

Really interesting to see your pencils which I don't think I've had the pleasure of seeing before. It looks really nice.

Danny said...

Nice work! Looking forward to seeing it as it progresses!

paulhd said...

Thanks fellas. Just got word back from the editor approving the pencils so I'll post the inked versions up in a couple of days.

Jim said...

I concur, mucho niceness. I especially like that last one with the fella bursting out of the frame to bisect others. There should be more of that in the world in general.

I haven't drawn with a pencil since about 2000. Odd really considering my ongoing hate / hate relationship with technology.

Technology, back in your box!

She never listens.

paulhd said...

Ta Jim. Wish I burst out my frame a bit more often.
Makes me cringe to even think of drawing on a computer, I am a low tech man, that's what I am.