Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Drunken blogging, why?

Honestly, what made me think it was so important to tell people what I had on my ipod shuffle? No idea. And when I'm sober 'Working Class Hero' is good but embarrassingly 6th formy.
Now I think of it I reckon I might post a bit less drunk or sober, I'm stuggling for things to waffle about lately and deleting posts before I put them up. I'll just post art and stuff and reviews on t'other blog. With the odd ramble here and there just for good measure of course.


Garen said...

Two rules that I try and abide by... 1) never announce what you're going to do, and 2) never announce what you're not going to do either! :-)

paulhd said...

Good rules. I hearby announce that I will never announce or not announce anything again!