Saturday, August 26, 2006


There's something to read over on my writing blog if anyone feels like looking, go on, have a go.


Nimiwey said...

the devil is in the details

your robot drawing made me think of it. our son has taken up a recent fear of robots during the night, and sometimes dinosaurs.

at any rate, the work is very good. ever do stuff that's mosre mystical (fairies, dragons, etcs.) ? i hope all is well, baby for thanksgiving ?

paulhd said...

Hey Nim. Baby in 10 weeks, bedroom's all decorated for her.
Mystical? Not really, geek boy stuff's what I tend to draw I'm afraid.

Nimiwey said...

Geeze, down to 10 weeks already? I don't even know you, but that went fast. The pregnancy goes faster with subsequent babies, cause you have first one to run after! Geek boy stuff is good.

paulhd said...

Man it's flown by. I'm really going to miss Rebecca's big baby bump when it's gone.
There's a little more to me than geek boy stuff I guess, but not much:)