Sunday, June 05, 2005

Any plans yet?

Glad you asked. No, not really, nothing solid anyway. I do have a few vague notions forming for some comics, nothing major, just some humourous (maybe) little shorts. I like the idea of doing a bunch of short comics, about 12 pages of story, in a little square-ish photocopied format but with a fancy cover, slightly heavy paper with endpapers - I did a little experiment and it's easy, and cheap to do. What I'd do is just a page or so a week, put them online and then collect them. The format and manner of doing them owes a lot to Tom Hartand www.americanelf(or, closer to home, Danny) but it's style that owes a hell of a lot to Charles Schulz and as these are all favourite (inc. Danny!) then that's fine by me.
I hitting a wall of idleness that is just getting me down so the urge to break free and act is strong and near at hand. It's been a busy old time this last 2 months but now I feel ready to claw some of my own (or my ideal) life back, not least because Rebecca starts work tomorrow which means more money (so less pressure on me) and time to myself again (it's be unbelievably lovely to have evenings and whole days together but because it's unusual for us it's meant that it's been impossibly difficult for me to be selfish with my time, especially as Rebecca's been sitting around bored and it's because she sacrificed her job for mine)
Guess that's all the plans I'll need for now.


Danny said...

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool!!!

paulhd said...

Which bit's cool? If it's the comic bit don't get too excited yet, I'm really not sure what to do just yet, I just know I want to do something. If it's about Rebecca, I couldn't agree more. If it's about liking your stuff, you're welcome.

Danny said...

Sorry... not especially articulate today.

The first two (although I am way flattered by the third)! Even if I don't know what you're going to do I know I like the stuff you did before.

Also with Rebecca finally able to start work again (Good Luck BTW!) it's put an end to a long and at times stressful waiting period. Which is cool.

(Note to self... the order should be think then type...)

paulhd said...

A quick glance at my posts shows that I'm a fan of typing first thinking later.
Oddly I'm not really a fan of any of my previous work, mainly because it's nothing like the stuff I like nor is it like what I want to do. It's a weird problem, the best thing anyone can do when writing, drawing, whatever is to please themselves, yet I seem utterly incapable of producing anything pleasing to me. Of course the other side of the problem is that I have absolutely no interest in being a pale imitation of the people that inspire me. This is why I gave up before. I think part of the problem is that I lack confidence and ability, if I'd practiced more, drawn from life to the point where it was second nature for me to just draw then I would be able to do whatever felt right to me, as it is I'm bound by my desire to get it 'right' because I'm aware how much I've let myself down by not working hard enough. Not very cheery stuff but at least I've decided that it's slim consolation indeed to just not bother because it's too hard, in other words I'd rather try and fail than just never even make the effort.