Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Food's in the Oven

and it'll be ready soon, so I'd better hurry this up.
Went to Manchester today and had a little spending spree, I'm finally the proud owner of Q The Winged Serpent a fantastic film by the brilliant Larry Cohen, one of my favourite directors. Clever, witty and shlocky B movie brilliance.
I got the latest issue of Fluffy by Simone Lia which pleases me muchly, sweet silly and sad. The 2nd Scott Pilgrim is finally in my trembling hands, it's like James Kochalka does real life, manga and kick ass beat-em-ups with Joss Wheldon giving pointers.... or it's not, it's something else though.
Superfuckers! Yay Superfuckers! Or Superf*ckers if you prefer. A full colour kick ass James Kochalka comic, it's like Scott Pilgrim and a kick...uh, forget that. Superfuckers! Yay!!!!
After a brief break I'm now eating, it's tomato butternut squash and goats cheese, with some other stuff, you know, randomly chopping veg into a dish throwing in some balsamic vinger. Fortunately it works.


Danny said...

Wow! Superfuckers is out?!! Excellent!

paulhd said...

and it really is excellent - even worth going to you local FP to see if they've got it.