Monday, June 13, 2005

Bold statement No. 1

By Sunday I will have done a short comic strip.


paul said...

yeah, do it!

how are you planning to put together your short booklets? just online, or in print format? i've been thinking about putting a couple more together and posting them online - i like the print format too but i don't really have any ideas about distribution etc.

as an online example i've been reading 'my giro' from stanley donwood - see the shop section. i've also put my ones on my website, but with an option to buy print copies too (see books section).

Danny said...
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Danny said...

Excellent news!

paulhd said...

I'll post the seperate pages online (possibly in a seperate blog as Danny does) and when I've done more stuff (my next bold statement will be about frequency as soon as I work up the bottle) I'll do it in print format. I've got plans for the printed comic too and they include as little computer use as possible, no scanning just photocopying all the way! As for distribution there are a few ways I know of but they're for comics - having an option to buy online is a good idea, I'll be nicking that.