Thursday, June 16, 2005

I am my own ray of sunshine

Seasons 1 of Samurai Jack and Bruce Timm Superman finally turned up today, colour me happy! Samurai Jack is so amazingly designed, it's beautiful to look at. Also bought Silent Running today, horrifyingly Rebecca hasn't seen it so we're going to watch it tomorrow when I'm sure she'll be utterly charmed by yet another classic film from the 70's.
Had the pleasure of buying The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business for someone today - kid's should be bought this book at an impressionable age. The only thing better than buying a fantastic book for yourself is buy a fantastic book for someone else.
Looks like my first comic strip for ages (what feels like a year but is probably 9 months) is nearing completion and I'm glad to say it's like nothing I've done before (well, it is, it's like the stuff I doodle for myself), the artwork is very simple and all the better for it.... but you'll all have to wait a couple of days before you see it.
I'm a rather chirpy mood which is odd as after a pleasant morning of getting up and having it went down hill with a miserable morning in Preston (humid, raining, not a nice city and a cinema to far away for us to see League Of Gentlemen (I just hope it's still on in Manchester next week or my local cinema decides that seeing as they had posters up for it for the last 2 months that they might as well show it)) But we got back early had a splendid butternut squash bake with peanut crumble lunch at the Whale Tail, saw a great film and did some drawing. Happy days.

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Danny said...

'Little Mole...' is a work of genius. And to think I have Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen to thank for finding out about it (chance remark made on TV about the time he bought it for his daughter).